Train to Rostock-Verona / Gothenburg / Stockholm
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Extend new desitnion in China-Europe train Service
(Train to Rostock-Verona / Gothenburg / Stockholm) 

Rostock is located on the Baltic Sea coast and is Germany's only deep-water port on the Baltic Sea. In 2018, the port's marine cargo throughput was 550,000 TEUs, and the multimodal transport capacity was 130,000 to 140,000 TEUs / year. After the train arrived in Rostock, Germany, it used the north-south distribution capacity of Rostock port to radiate Gothenburg, Stockholm, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and other countries to the north by shipping, railways, and roads, and to Verona, Italy to the south.

The first-time train is full of daily necessities, solar cell modules, and automotive parts to Sweden, as well as anti-epidemic materials donated by Xi'an to Italy. Trains are transferred to the port of Rostock for distribution by sea-rail mode, and finally arrive in Verona, Italy in southern Europe, and Gothenburg, Sweden, and Stockholm in northern Europe. Compared with traditional transportation routes, the time limit for transportation will be greatly improved. At the same time, the international influence of the China-Europe train line has been expanded.

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