Rail freight From China to UK, Europe, CIS

Rail Freight shipping From China to London UK and other Europe Countries

Rail Freight Train has many Benefits 
Cost is lower - Rail freight Train From china to europe countries is lower than air freight, 
Transit time is 50% Faster than ocean freight. 
Reduce Carbon emission 95% - Rail freight shipping can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 95% comparing with Air Freight.

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  Rail freight From China to Europe countries Schedule and Train route?

The China Europe Rail freight train (also named as China Express Train /China-Europe Freight Trains) refers to a rail train departure From China in a fix schedule, fix route and fix pricing, Train frequency departure From China on daily, weekly or monthly basis that travel between China Europe en-route tracks along with Silk Road countries. There are several main corridors to be used for rail freight train which are in western corridor via Alashankou(Dostyk) or Khorgos(Altynkol) through Kazakhstan; Eastern corridor via Erlianhaote/Erlian through Mongolia; Northern corridor via Manzhouli (Zabaikalsk) through Russia.

 Reefer & Open Top container on  Rail Freight Train

Any difference on Rail freight container size when compared with SEA Freight Container ? 

Besides normal dry container, China Europe rail freight train also allow other type of container type, such as reefer container, open top (hard) container. These containers have no difference than sea container in terms of dimension, capacity and max playload, as they are also under ISO standard.

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  Why use China Rail Freight to Europe countries?  Why More Plus is your best Train Freight forwarder in China Europe Rail ?  

More Plus Shipping is a neutral Rail Freight forwarderr, with years experiences on China Europe Rail Freight Train, our professional team will walk you through the process and take care of your shipment in personal. 

Rail Freight Train capacity is strong, suitable for centralized transportation of bulk materials and the scale of rail transportation is economical and the unit transportation cost is low. Before China Europe Rail freight train was started, China has been exporting and importing shipment to Central Asia and Mongolia by Rail freight by using container, different type of wagon or even rail platform since long time ago. Even coverage extension by using multimodal transportation (Sea+Train) for Asian cargo destined to Central Asia (such as Almaty, Tashkent…etc) via Qingdao port, and Mongolia via Tianjin port, these become a must transit ports. Nevertheless to say, China domestic Rail freight is also booming in follow with strong domestics consumer demand. After China Europe Rail freight train was born, customers are the most significate benefit customers like Rail freight train is reliable with stable schedule. 

With direct exporting by Rail freight train service China to Europe. 

Customers has no longer to wait and reloading at transit hub in the past. Customer has been changed shipping habit and no longer to use Sea-Air service,  Rail freight train service become a must option in modern logistics solution, besides Sea freight and Air freight

 How is transit time compare with SEA Freight and cost compare with AIR Freight ?

China Europe Rail freight train transit time is 30% faster than Ocean freight, also Rail freight train has 25% Lower than Air freight

It is also relatively help to the global environments as Railway freight train reduces CO2 emissions compared to Air Freight. There are many kinds of goods can be transported by Rail freight train: FCL, LCL and cargo multi consolidation included door to door delivery.

  How many distance China Europe Rail Freight train runs in a day ? 

Freight Trains in China and Russia run an average of 800-1100 kilometers a day, compared with 250-400 kilometers in Europe, that make transit time in 16days by Rail freight Train.

  How many containers China Europe Rail Freight train can load? 
Risk management in Rail Transport  service ? 

The number of containers per train can load 41x40HQ. China Europe Rail freight Train will be reloading 2 times in China Border and Belarus border during whole journal because of different gauge, but it’s low risk than others, because Rail require high standard in terms of container loading mechanism, cargo weight, loading sequence…which is more strict than other transportation. This is one of reason high value product like Electronic components, mechanical and electrical products, high fashion clothing are the main commodity catalogues in China Europe Rail freight Train

Our Shipping Advice: Rail transport cost lower than air freight, and transit time is much faster than Sea Freight transport. 

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